Sunday, May 21, 2006

On TV....

Flipping through the channels a while ago, I came across a series on Home and Garden TV (sorry's) with Debbie Travis as the host. Apparently, Debbie was a pop-star (or something) when I was a kid. Now she hosts a couple shows on HGTV, one being Debbie Travis' Painted House. I have seen probably five episodes, and in each one she wears a sexy pair of black overalls and a sheen button-up top - really hot. Debbie is incredibly attractive for being 34 or so, and I would recommend that all U.S. readers check it out. Her show is on weekdays at 10:30 AM mountain time (12:30 EST) and again at, I believe, 2 PM mountain time (4 EST). Definitely check this out...


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