Friday, May 19, 2006

Why Overalls?

If you are not among the ranks of those who enjoy the sight of a woman in overalls, you may be scratching your head in sheer amazement right now wondering "why overalls?" Depending on who you talk to, you will receive a variety of reasons as to why. Here is a partial list of reasons that I would say are the most prevalent among us:

1.) Overalls are form-fitting: Overalls can actually be extremely flattering on a woman. From the side, the bib can accentuate a woman's breasts and curves in general.
2.) Overalls convey mystery: I remember some time ago Mademoiselle Magazine reporting that often men find women in overalls attractive because they leave the aspects of the woman under the overalls essentially wholly to the imagination.
3.) Overalls convey femininity: When overalls were first brought into the world they were made of heavy denim and were mostly worn by construction workers and farmers. Over the last one-hundred years or so, overalls have evolved from the work clothing of yesterday to an article of clothing as feminine as a dress with recent overalls being made of lightweight denim materials as well as soft fabrics such as linen and tencel. In fact, many men now consider overalls to be an effeminite article of clothing.
4.) Overalls are sexy: This more or less is an extension of numbers 1 and 3. When a woman with giant breasts wears overalls and a low-cut shirt, the bib essentially harnesses her breasts. With a couple quick unsnaps of a buckle, the bib falls away revealing the totality of a woman's bust.
5.) Overalls can provide quick access: There is something incredibly erotic about how easily overalls can be removed during a heated moment of passion. Also, the bib or back of the overalls can be used to pull your lover close to you during a heated moment.
6.) Overalls are often accompanied by pigtails: I suppose this is the only reason that can be filed under the "farmer's daughter fantasy." Many times, women wearing overalls put their hair into pigtails - an obvious fantasy of many men for reasons which I'm sure need not actually be mentioned.

These reasons are mostly shared by those of us who adore a beautiful women dressed in overalls; here are some personal reasons of mine:

1.) Overalls convey a relaxed attitude: Too often everytime we step out of the house it has to be a song and dance involving a three-piece suit and tie or something equally fashionalbe. There is nothing nicer than waking up and throwing on a pair of broken-in bib overalls and hopping into a hammock and relaxing all day.
2.) Overalls are extremely utilitarian: The abundance of pockets means essentially anything and everything can be carried. In addition, the bib pocket provides unmatched security for carrying a wallet or something else more valuable.
3.) Overalls are incredibly versatile: Overalls can be worn with a long-sleeve shirt during the winter or a tank-top or sports-bra during the summer. Also, a woman can choose to wear a polo or lycra-spandex tee with overalls for a sexy look or she can choose to tie her hair back with a bandanna and sport a simple white-tee for a more relaxed look.

All these reasons convey sexiness in some form or another. That being said, the irony of the world of the overalls lover is that often chunkier women wear overalls that are a few sizes too small while skinnier, more attractive women wear overalls which are a few sizes too big for additional comfort. Eh, beggars can't be choosers, I guess. If you are an overalls lover, comment as to why you love women in overalls. If not, I hope this post at least partially dismisses the conception held by some that those with an overalls fetish are somehow mentally or emotionally scarred or just plain perverts. Most of us are extremely normal and lead lives that are equally normal.

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