Friday, June 02, 2006

Poll Results

Which of these recent celebs in overalls update is your favorite?

Jakki Degg3.57%
Arielle Kebbel14.29%
Avril Lavigne12.50%
Heidi Mark12.50%
Natasha Richardson3.57%
Lisa Rinner5.36%
Carley Stenson7.14%
Tiffany Theissen41.07%
56 responses

Thanks to all of you who voted - Tiffany Theissen runs away in first with Arielle Kebbel coming in second. Arielle was actually my favorite, so I'm glad to see many of you also agreed with me. Apparently - and many of you probably already know this - her pink overalls scene is from the latest straight-to-DVD American Pie movie. I'm sure it's terrible - that's why I didn't make an attempt to see it - but now I think I'll have to own it. Anyways, keep sending in submissions and checking out the site.

NOTE: Remember you can access all the pictures ever posted on this blog by clicking on the archive links in the sidebar.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also check for a nice pic of Arielle Kebbel in her pink overalls.

1:25 PM  

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