Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Today's Update

Here are a set of photos from the Getty Images stock. I don't believe you should have to search for these pics, instead I bring them straight to you so you can enjoy them whenever you want. A search for overalls on webshots yields 25000 results almost, and with filtered out words you can shrink it by several thousand. But who wants to sift through 20000 pictures to find these. No one, that's who. So I bring them to you, free of charge. All I ask in return is that when you come across pictures of women in overalls during your travels through the net, you send them my way or post them to a picture-sharing group so that all can directly enjoy the photos. The eighty-or-so return visitors to this site everyday keep this train chugging along, thanks to all of you.

Also, check out this link about the revival of overalls provided to me by the lovely Jill - thank you so much for your contribution to this site.


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